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More than a hospital.

Our mission

The Mission of our hospital is to provide outstanding care and treatment by using a modern concept of medical treatment in the 21st century. We strive for a qualified, human and friendly approach, which respects the personality of the individual.

We are proud to care

We are one of the largest medical facilities in the country. Even though we try to offer our services using human dimensions. We definitely do not want to act as a technology repair service centre. We appreciate the approach of the well-known Czech physician, professor MUDr. Josef Charvát (1897-1984), who encouraged a synthetic view in terms of treatment of the patient. Physical disease and the inner feelings of the patient cannot be separated.

We are a modern medical centre using all available modern methods of treatment while respecting patient rights.

Give feedback

Your comments are useful feedback for us. We will be very happy to hear your suggestions to improve the services we provide. You can also send information about your experience or comments to our email address:

Thank you very much!

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