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More than a hospital.

Department of Oncology

primář MUDr. Václav Janovský

vrchní sestra Kateřina Švejdová

vrchní laborantka Mgr. Daniela Velíšková

MUDr. Ivona Mrázová


387 875

The Department of Oncology is included in the network of comprehensive cancer centres (CCC), which are verified by the Czech Society for Oncology (CSO) of ČLS JEP and authorized to perform comprehensive cancer treatment and radiation therapy (ionizing radiation), including costly cytostatic and targeted biological therapy.

The Department of Oncology consists of six divisions: patient admission, dispensary, consulting, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and brachytherapy.

Our outpatient division also offers a care centre with 14 treatment centres used for chemotherapy, biotherapy, infusion and blood derivatives administration. The Centre of Clinical Oncology processing data for the National Cancer Registry forms an independent unit.

Radiotherapy procedures are performed by using modern irradiation techniques, including the IMRT technique (radiotherapy with intensity-modulated radiation). New linear accelerators allow us to use the RapidArc technique (rotational IMRT technique), IGRT (image guided radiotherapy) and RPM (respiratory-gated therapy), therefore we treat our patients with a higher degree of safe reproducibility of fractional exposure, with a higher flow of patients in order to have a higher quality option to apply the maximum required dose of radiation to the tumour while ensuring maximum protection of the surrounding healthy tissue.

The Department provides external beam radiotherapy and brachytherapy for the whole South Bohemian Region. Outside of its catchment area, the Department performs total skin body electron irradiation for some types of cutaneous lymphomas. A combined chemoradiotherapy is applied in indicated cases. All schemes recommended for solid tumours and lymphomas, including continuous, intensified and mobilization schemes, are used during the chemotherapy. This procedure is based on international studies and on the standards of the Czech Society for Oncology of ČLS JEP. The cancer therapy includes hormone therapy, immunotherapy and targeted biological treatment with modern medications. The emphasis is on prevention of toxicity and all supporting treatment, including psychotherapy.

Working multidisciplinary teams in the hospital, having a regional scope, decide on the strategy for the treatment of cancer patients.

The Department is accredited for postgraduate specialised training in the fields of "Radiation Oncology" and "Clinical Oncology". We also organise professional work experience for students who specialize in the profession of radiology assistant in the Faculty of Health and Social Studies at the University of South Bohemia.

Description of individual divisions of the Department of Oncology:

Inpatient Care:

The inpatient unit with its capacity of 55 beds in 2 sections and 4 beds in the intensive care unit is situated on the 5th and 6th floor of the Central Pavilion. The inpatient section in the ONL5 unit provides 8 triple rooms for the Department of Oncology. We also have the opportunity, if necessary, to use 2 additional triple rooms in the ONM for the hospitalization of patients of the Department of Oncology. The inpatient unit in the ONL6 offers 10 triple rooms and 1 single room. All of the rooms for patients are equipped with a private shower and toilet. The oncology intensive care unit with 2 separated parts with 2 or 3 beds is situated on the 5th floor. The Department of Oncology is not equipped with any private rooms. Our patients who can walk may benefit from the dining room situated on every floor with a coffee vending machine. In the evening, they can also watch TV there. It is possible to borrow books on each floor.

Radiation section:

Radiation division

This section, located in the basement of the Central Pavilion, provides top quality equipment, such as: Acuity Simulator with the possibility of X-ray and CT scans, two TrueBeam linear accelerators with a "multileaf" collimator, Portal Vision system and a kilovoltage imaging, one RTG WH 225 X-ray device for surface and depth therapy, a device for application of brachyratherapy by using a technique of automatic afterloading with a high GammaMedPlus iX dose rate. All devices comply fully with the requirements of the Atomic Energy Act No. 18/97 Coll. as amended. The radiation division includes the radiotherapy departments for outpatients and brachytherapy with their own reception.

Physical and Technical Division

This Division provides dosimetric equipment necessary for the implementation of rotational IMRT techniques (RapidArc), IGRT and RPM, as well as the 3D Eclipse Treatment Planning System, planning and contouring station, Aria verification system, automatic block cutting machine and mechanical workshop. We are equipped with modern computer technology, including software.

Oncology Outpatient Department:

The Oncology Outpatient Department is located on the ground floor of the Central Pavilion.

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