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More than a hospital.

Department of Forensic Medicine

primářka MUDr. Eva Tomášková

MUDr. Zdeněk Šenkýř


387 873

The Department of Forensic Medicine carries out autopsies especially on sudden and violent deaths as well as autopsies ordered by law enforcement authorities (in particular the Czech Police) in South Bohemia pursuant to Section 115 of the Criminal Procedure Code. In the form of detailed autopsy and laboratory reports it provides expert background information for the evaluation of premedical and medical first aid as well as resuscitation and trauma services. We use the knowledge gained from autopsies and compile it into analyses which are submitted to medical meetings, conferences and seminars. We also issue testimonials on the basis of files and autopsies and, if required, on the basis of other examinations.

The department guarantees toxicological examinations in the central laboratory of toxicology for forensic purposes, including the determination of blood alcohol content among drivers. For drug-related deaths we closely cooperate with the National Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addictions.



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