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More than a hospital.

2nd Department of Subsequent Care and Neurophysiological

primář MUDr. Pavel Dohnal

vrchní sestra Renata Šindelářová

MUDr. Jaroslava Hrdá

The Department of Follow-up Care II deals with the treatment of chronically ill patients. We are also responsible for the care of patients who have been unconscious for a long time. The department communicates with home care agencies, nursing services and social institutions which assume responsibility for patients released from the hospital beds. The department also specializes in chronic and follow-up internal and neurological care. This includes outpatient internal and neurological clinics.

The 2nd Aftercare Department includes the echographic laboratory, EMG laboratory EMG, EEG and the sleep laboratory situated in the Lower Compound of the Hospital, offering our patients a full range of highly specialized types of examinations, usually performed in the hospital but also on the basis of daily surgery.

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