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More than a hospital.

When to visit your loved ones and friends in the hospital?

The majority of departments/wards enable visits to patients daily from 2pm to 5pm. Outside general visiting hours you can get granted permission for special visits by the senior consultant of the department or deputy senior consultant.

The average length of stay in hospital for patients can vary in each ward according to the patient's condition and the operation of the given department. Precise instructions shall be given to you by the senior consultant or head physician of the specific department/ward.

Children under 15 years of age can be restricted from visiting patients in the following wards:

  • Departement of Anesteziology and Intensive Care (ARO),
  • Department of Infection,
  • Dermatovenerology,
  • Department of Nuclear Medicine,
  • Department of Oncology,
  • Departement of Pneumology and Phthiseology,
  • Psychiatric Department,
  • Intensive Care Unit (JIP),
  • 1st Department of Subsequent Care,
  • 2nd Department of Subsequent Care and Neurophysiological.

Dogs and other pets are not allowed in the hospital. Our patients with sensory impairments or physical disabilities who need the assistance of a guide dog are fully entitled – with regard to their current state of health –  to dog company and also to the presence of their dog in the medical facility of the hospital České Budějovice.

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