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How to Gain Access to Medical Records

Consulting medical records, making extracts or copies thereof, and providing information on the patient´s state of health shall be governed by Act No. 372/2011 Coll., on Health Services and Conditions of Their Provision (Act on Health Services), as amended (hereinafter referred to as the “AHS“).

Authorised persons may gain access to the patient's medical records in two ways, namely:


a) may consult the patient´s medical records at the relevant department which keeps the relevant part of the medical records which they wish to consult and, if interested, make extracts or copies of the medical records on the spot at their own expense and by their own means, or,


b) may request the provision of copies (or extracts) of the patient´s medical records from the health service provider. Accordingly, they must reimburse the health service provider costs incurred by the health service provider for making such copies or extracts of the medical records and, where appropriate, sending them to the authorised person.



Who is Entitled to Access Medical Records


As the patient´s medical records contain (sensitive) personal data, these may be accessed only by persons authorised to do so under the AHS. Such persons shall be, in particular:


  • the patient themselves, their legal representative or guardian
  • a person appointed by the patient, their legal representative or guardian, foster parent, or other carer
  • a person close to a deceased patient

A close person is a descendant, a sibling or a spouse or a partner under another law governing registered partnership; other persons in a family or similar relationship are considered to be close to each other, if harm suffered by one of them was reasonably felt by the other as their own. Close persons are also considered relatives by marriage or persons living permanently together.

  • In the case of a patient who, due to his or her (hereinafter their) state of health on admission to care, cannot appoint persons to whom information on their state of health may be provided and who may, where appropriate, consult their medical records and make extracts or copies thereof, the patient´s close persons have the right to be informed about the patient´s current state of health and make extracts or copies of medical records kept about the patient.

(hereinafter referred to as “authorised persons“)

According to the AHS, other persons may also gain access to the patient´s medical records (e.g. forensic experts, persons qualified to practise as medical professionals authorised by health insurance companies, etc.), even without the patient´s consent.



A) What to do if you want to consult medical records and, if necessary, make copies or extracts thereof yourselves

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B) What to do if you want copies (or extracts) of medical records to be made by the health service provider

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C) Conditions for access to the patient´s medical records by courts, the Police of the Czech Republic, forensic experts, lawyers, commercial insurance companies and other providers of health services

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D) Information on Personal Data processing

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Overview of individual forms:

Application for making a copy of medical records

Application for making a copy of medical records of another person (different from the applicant)

Statutory declaration

Patient´s consent to consulting his/her medical records, making extracts of copies thereof and providing information on his/her state of health

Costs of a copy of medical records

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