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More than a hospital.

Information for foreigners

The medical staff of the hospital Nemocnice České Budějovice can provide necessary assistance to all patients, regardless of their state citizenship. In order to avoid misunderstandings when caring for patients who are not citizens of the Czech Republic, we would like to provide our foreign clients with information relating to the payment of services and to the overall communication with our staff.

Price List

Our prices for the requested or necessary health care are quoted on the basis of The methodology of accounting of foreign nationals - Nemocnice České Budějovice, a.s. For more information about our prices, please consult your physician or phone us on +420 387 872 233.

Payment procedure

If a foreign patient does not have appropriate or sufficient health insurance, the hospital requires the payment for health care in the hospital in cash. A bank transfer is possible only in exceptional cases upon agreement.

Exchange Office

There is no exchange office in the hospital premises. Therefore our foreign patients should be equipped with a sufficient amount of money in cash in Czech crowns. The nearest exchange office is located in the building of Česká spořitelna in Lidická St. 78, České Budějovice.  » See  city ​​map

Which foreign insurers do we accept?

All foreign patients from EU countries who are given necessary medical care should have a European health insurance card (and commercial supplementary insurance in the event of possible repatriation.)

There are many different health insurers and different kinds of health insurance. That is why we handle each particular case individually in cooperation with the patient. For further information, please contact the person responsible for foreign patients:

Ms. Linda Robauschova

Phone: 00420 387 872 233

Fax: 00420 386 461 941


The hospital does not have its own interpreters. If the patient does not speak German or English, we recommend that before being admitted to the hospital they visit us with the interpreter. The interpreter should speak the mother tongue of the patient and should have at least a good level of Czech.

  • Any interpretation cost shall be borne by the patient.

Patients without sufficient knowledge of Czech, English or German usually find an appropriate interpreter themselves. If necessary they can ask for help, for example, from the embassy of their country  or  the Union of Translators and Interpreters .

Telephone interpreting can be provided by SOPHIA language school. This company, however, only provides interpretation services in certain languages, and only in relation to the availability of its interpreters. The interpreting services of SOPHIA are provided 24 hours.

The attending physician of Nemocnice České Budějovice will record the use of interpretation services. The given record is required for billing and records of interpretation services, which is also its only purpose.

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