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More than a hospital.

Department of Trauma Surgery

primář MUDr. Martin Kloub, Ph.D.

vrchní sestra Mgr. Helena Prokešová

MUDr. Rudolf Novák

The main task of the Department of Trauma and Aesthetic Surgery is to act as the regional centre for South Bohemia for the treatment of serious injuries, including the most complicated injuries. In our country, accidents are the main cause of death among people aged under 40 and the fourth most frequent cause of death in the population at large. The Department of Trauma includes an emergency reception which is responsible for the smooth transfer of patients from emergency rescue care to hospital care.

The reception area is linked to a diagnostic complex and the non-stop service of emergency operating theatres. These are equipped to handle all injuries of the limbs and cavities in an aseptic environment with laminar air flow. The department is equipped with the most advanced instrumentation and surgical tools as well as biological implants for the osteosynthesis of all bones, both for internal and external fixation. At the site there is also a hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility. For inpatients there are 8 intensive care beds and 72 standard beds at the departments' disposal which are fully equipped for early post-operative care and rehabilitation. The department provides non-stop outpatient trauma services and other specialized outpatient clinics for the follow-up care of the injured.

Aesthetic surgeons carry out operations on skin cancers, diagnosed in cooperation with the hospital's Department of Dermatology. The range of operations also includes procedures to cover soft tissue defects, including the microsurgical transfer of free lobes. It also provides cosmetic surgery - procedures on the breasts, face and abdomen, including liposuction at all sites and ear lobe reconstruction. The department provides a 24 hour emergency replantation service for limb amputation injuries in the region of South Bohemia.

The Department of Trauma and Aesthetic Surgery is part of the Trauma Centre of the České Budějovice Hospital, which serves to treat severe injuries in adults and children from across the entire region of South Bohemia. Patients with complicated multiple traumas, intra-articular fractures, severe burns and amputation injuries are brought by the Emergency Rescue Service to České Budějovice Hospital. Depending on the severity of the injury, they are then admitted to the Department of Trauma and Aesthetic Surgery or to the Department of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation; children are sent to the Department of Paediatrics. In cooperation with other Trauma Centre teams, specialists in these departments provide final treatment to these patients.

Trauma Centre

International statistics worldwide show an increasing number of accidents, a change in their pattern and an increase in serious injuries. Mortality due to injuries is rising among people of working age. According to statistical data from the Institute of Health Information and Statistics, injuries and poisonings are the third most frequent causes of death in the Czech Republic, closely behind diseases of the circulatory system and malignant neoplasms. In the age group under 45 years of age it ranks easily as the highest cause. The growing number of traumas is largely influenced by the development of the automotive industry (each year, about 1,300 people die and over 5,000 are seriously injured on our roads), higher intensity and aggressiveness in sports, increasing crime rate and terrorism.

An increasing volume of money is spent on the treatment of injuries and their consequences. The level of care for the injured does not depend only on the professional qualifications of physicians and health care professionals and their technical equipment, but also on the complex delivery and functions of the rescue systems. Numerous specialists, sections and institutions systematically share in the care of patients. It is for these reasons that organizational issues have come to the forefront.

This has resulted in the inevitable development, as accepted by traumatology specialists in many European countries, of concentrating trauma surgery in large hospital centres - trauma centres.

These centres have teams of required specialists at their disposal (especially anaesthesiology and resuscitation, general, thoracic, vascular surgeon, urologist, cardio- and neurosurgeon, ophthalmologist, otolaryngologist, oral surgeon, aesthetic surgeon, orthopaedist, etc.) working "under one roof" and under the leadership of a specialized trauma surgeon with links to complementary services (radiology, laboratories, transfusion centre, etc.)

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

In 1966, the only hyperbaric oxygen therapy facility in South Bohemia was established as part of the Department of Traumatology. This therapeutic method, where the patient is ventilated with pressurized pure oxygen in a special pressure vessel - hyperbaric chamber, is based on the laws of physics applicable for the gaseous state. With the usual pressure of 0.2 - 0.3MPa, the quantity of oxygen physically absorbed in blood increases significantly and transport in this form does not depend on the presence or functionality of haemoglobin. Perhaps the best-known area of application of hyperbaric chambers is for the treatment of carbon monoxide (coal gas) poisoning, which is fortunately rare today. The main uses for hyperbaric oxygen therapy today include the treatment of infections, in particular anaerobic ones, decompression sickness and air embolism, but also the treatment of diabetic foot and lower limb ischemia, trophic defects of the skin and mucous membranes, craniocerebral injuries, varicose ulcers, impaired hearing, etc.

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