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More than a hospital.

Clinical Pharmacology Unit

vedoucí pracoviště doc. MUDr. Petr Petr, PhD


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Clinical pharmacology as a complementary and specialized field of internal medicine performs therapeutic activities and care for selected and particularly complicated diseases and situations. It provides consultations and evaluations - interpretation of drug levels in biological samples. One of the most important tasks of the unit is the clinical evaluation of drugs. On average each year it carries out 2 projects which involve the first administration of a new drug to humans. In doing so it participates in the research, development and introduction of new drugs and therapeutic procedures into practice. These activities have domestic as well as international partners. The unit enhances the utilization of the hospital's capacities as a research and development base for clinical pharmacology. For example, it evaluates the effect of pharmacological and other therapeutic interventions on the quality of life and on some biochemical and cellular parameters in humans and the monitoring of the effects of nutraceutical (i.e. naturally occurring in foodstuffs) substances on the quality of life and immune mechanisms. In terms of expertise, the priorities of Clinical Pharmacology in  České Budějovice Hospital are especially the diagnosis and treatment of hypertension, lower limb ischemia, assessment of the quality of life in health and disease (HRQoL Health-Related Quality of Life) and establishment of good clinical practice (GCP) the clinical evaluation of drugs in general.

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