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More than a hospital.

Clinical Haematology

primář MUDr. Ivan Vonke, MBA


Recepce387 873 574
Sesterna387 873 558

The outpatient Clinical Haematology office focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of blood disorders, including blood clotting disorders. We provide consultations for the hospital and other health care facilities in South Bohemia. In justified cases it admits patients for long-term care. Inpatient haematological care is provided in a separate ward of the Department of Internal Medicine with a specialized regime adapted to the needs of haematological patients.

In addition to standard activities, a part of the outpatient section searches for and treats diseases with excessive blood clotting. The outpatient haematological clinic performs bone marrow punctures, including the necessary follow-up examinations, and serves the entire region. We are the only site in the region to carry out apheresis procedures ("blood cleaning") for all areas of activity.

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